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LG A/C Inverter Mosquito Away 12000btu

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Mosquito Away Air Conditioner has an Device generating ultrasonic wave and if you start the mosquito away function, the device that makes inaudible ultrasonic wave at a frequency of between 30kHz – 100kHz. The ultrasonic wave paralyzes mosquitoes nerve system or even repel mosquitoes. Hence, helps in driving mosquitoes away and protects from your family.



Energy Saving

Inverter Compressor constantly adjusts a compressor’s speed to maintain desired temperature levels. Moreover, LG Smart Inverter with power saving operation range frequency saves more energy than conventional compressor.

MICRO Protection Filter
powered by 3M Tech

Over 2 million plasmaster lons sterilize not only the air going through the air conditioner, but also harmful substances and odours surrounding the unit.

Fresh Dry

Rainy season comfort keeps your room cool and fresh during the monsoon season and in humid weather by eliminating humidity and maintaining an optimal temperature so you can enjoy true comfort while saving energy. When Fresh Dry mode is used, the PMV(Predicted Mean Vote) range is maintained between -0.5 ~ 0.5.


5 meters Installation free ( only for Indoor to Outdoor unit)


Elec. Rating

Power Supply 1Φ, 220~240V, 50Hz
Power Supply Cable 3*1.5 No.*㎟
Power and Transmission Cable 4*1.0 No.*㎟+No.*㎟
Power Input (Cooling) 1095 W
Running Current (Cooling) 5.22 A
Starting Current (Cooling) 5.22 A
EER 3.21 W/W
Circuit Breaker 15 A
RPM (Cooling) 1700Po/1450H/1200M/930L/650S-Low
Power Factor 95%


Type R-410A
Charge 850 (at 7.5m) g
Additional Refrigerant Charge 20 g/m


Type 1P Rotary
Model GA092MAB
Motor Type Brushless DC Motor
Oil Type FVC68D
Oil Charge 310±5 cc


Indoor (W*H*D) 894*285*210 mm
35.2*11.2*8.3 inch
Pack Indoor (W*H*D) 958*369*264 mm
37.7*14.5*10.4 inch
Outdoor (W*H*D) 717*483*230 mm
28.2*19.0*9.1 inch
Pack Outdoor (W*H*D) 822*516*307 mm
32.4*20.3*12.1 inch