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Handy Design

Now you can get pure, clean and safe drinking water wherever you go -- thanks to the Eureka Forbes Aquasure bottle purifier with Kitanu magnet. This lightweight bottle purifier makes it possible for you to take normal water and turn it into safe, potable water while on the move. Ideal for people who love exploring the outdoors, this bottle is also useful if you regularly travel to places where you need clean drinking water. Easily stowed away in your bag, the Eureka Forbes Aquasure bottle purifier has a leak-proof design that you will love.

The powerful Kitanu Magnet

The secret behind the Eureka Forbes bottle purifier is the powerful Kitanu magnet. This magnet is able to take out most of the dust, dirt and debris as well as microbes, cysts, etc. from your water, giving you clean water in turn. What's more, while you're exploring the outdoors, the Eureka Forbes Aquasure negates the need to buy bottled water, or use water purification pills as it does the job for you. Also, the Filter Cartridge has been certified by WQA authorised labs, making it something you can depend on.

A Dependable Water Purifier

The Eureka Forbes black Bottle Purifier is an extremely portable water purifier, making it ideal for your travel. The bottle requires a slight squeeze, wherein the water is forced through a maze of nano sized positive charged media that clear out all the dirt and biological waste in it. Also, when the filter is choked, it automatically means you have to replace it, making it a safe drinking option. Designed for your benefit, the Eureka Forbes Aquasure bottle purifier with Kitanu Magnet uses non-toxic plastic to ensure your safety.

  • Kitanu Magnet Technology removes all dirt, dust, bacteria and cysts
  • Non-chemical cleaning process
  • Superb stylish design
  • Portable water purification
  • Height: 260 mm
  • Diameter: 75 mm
  • High-quality, food grade, non-toxic plastic construction
  • Clean water while on the go
  • Automatic shut-off to ensure you get only the cleanest water
  • Squeeze bottle
  • Saves the need to buy bottled water
  • Leak-proof bottle