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Attractive points to buy

① More Convenient : Make your life easier Wash all your laundry at home.
② More Hygienic : Wash away your worries about bedding with us Enjoy an allergy free life with truesteam™.
③ More Efficient : The high efficiency saves your money and time For those who cannot waste anything. 


Make your life easier Wash all your laundry at home. Do you visit the dry cleaner’s often? Why bother? LG’s big washing machine provides you a better life without queuing and waiting. Just put any bulky items in the machine and escape from any unpleasant experience at dry cleaner’s. 

LG Big Capacity washer

Dual HEPA filter includes a multi-filtration system that removes dust, odor and germs from the home nvironment. It retains find dust 99.99% certified by German SLG. 


Wash away your worries about bedding with us Enjoy an allergy free life with True steam™. LG washing machines are certified by BAF for eliminating 99.98% of allergens(Steam and heating features are available only to certain models). Allergy Care provides not only washing off the dirt but sterilizing bedding. Clean your bedding regularly with least effort at home without any worry about your laundry being mixed with other customers’ at dry cleaner’s. 

Allergy Care

How Allergy Care removes allergens. Heat the water and expose the laundry at 60℃ over 10 minutes to kill most of the dust mites. Steam helps to keep the temperature even and optimize the sterilizing effect. After washing off allergens, the laundry will be an allergen-free zone. 


Dust mites, Pollens, Pet hair From 40℃ to 60℃, we provide the optimized temperature that satisfies your needs. The water temperature that works best on each stain is between 40℃ and 60℃. While the heater heats the temperature up to 60℃, you can enjoy better washing experience removing stubborn stains and allergens.
- 40º : Effective For Vegetable Stains (Coffee, Coke, Juice)
- 60º : Effective in removing and stubborn Stains and sterilizing 


Just Like Hand Wash

When doing laundry, you might have experienced to see the inner drum always tumbles with monotonous motion through the fabric type is different. Don't you think that washing machine should adopt different movement for each fabric type instead of one single tumble motion for different fabrics? LG's new 6 Motion Technology introduces a new way to care for clothes, similar to hand wash. The Direct Drive Motor precisely controls the action of tub, allowing for up to 6 motions in which the washer combines different combinations of wash motions to selected cycle to ensure perfect clean. It's suitable or all fabric types and cares for your delicate clothes.

General Features 

Colour VCM Stainless
Voltage[V] 220~240V/50Hz


Display Type LED
Time Delay (hour) Up to 19 hours
Error Message Indication/Alarm Yes


Cotton Yes
Delicate Yes
Rinse+Spin Yes