ECOCO E1605 Door Hook Hanger

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ECOCO E1605 Door Hook Hanger 

Hanger, door hook, door hanger, multi-purpose hanger Door type with 6 hooks, easy to install without drilling. Does not leave glue stains hassle whether hanging bags, hats, towels can be conveniently hung. It also gives a clean, neat and clean look from the 100% ECOCO brand for hanging on the back of the door. Can be used with wooden doors, PVC doors or aluminum doors. The material is made of white rust-proof coated steel. Can be attached to smooth floors such as the edge of the door, the edge of the refrigerator, the edge of the sink counter in the bathroom. Kitchen counter edge The edge of the wardrobe, the edge of the desk, there is an edge of 3 cm or more. How to use 1. Wipe the area to be used clean. (Available with smooth edges, thickness 3 cm) 3. Peel off the plastic sheet on the back of the glue at all 5 points. 4. Paste and press firmly, leave for 12 hours to allow the glue to set. 5. After 12 hours, then hang the items. Ready to use normally. Caution 1. Cannot paste on wet and oily wall, Before applying, it should be wiped and left to dry first. 2. Do not use in the place where the temperature is higher than 80 degrees. 3. Do not hang objects that are overweight. And do not hang dangerous and fragile items.



  • Contain - Main body (Carpet Fixed Traceless Sticker)
  • Color - White 
  • Gift box LxWxH(mm) - 416*233*44
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    Rs. 200,001 and above. Rs. 2,090

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