LP LAUGFS - Regulator Pack



:   6 Months
:   Available (4 to 5 working days)
Delivery Area
:   Islandwide
In-Store Pickup
:   Available

LAUGFS - Regulator Pack




After Sales Process - Complaint Handling Process

  • Customer Touch points
  1. Hotline – 1345
  2. Whatsapp – 076 8 427 427
  3. Email - crm.gas@laugfs.lk
  4. Online – laugfsgas.lk

Cylinder Returned Process

When a customer is requesting to return his cylinder due to customer churning or any other reason LAUGFS GAS PLC will be accepting the cylinder, however there will be terms and condition attached, please instruct the customers to contact the LAUGFS Gas Hotline for more assistance.

Cylinder Refundable Deposit

When a customer is requesting to return his cylinder due to customer churning or any other reason LAUGFS GAS PLC will be accepting the returned cylinder on the following basis;

Minimum reimbursement/ refund amount SKU wise;


Min. Refund










The basis of cylinder return is on date of purchase and usage period.


Usage period

Amount Payable


Full Invoiced Price

3m – 1yr

Minimum Refund + 2/3 of the invoiced Price

1yrs – 3yrs

Minimum Refund + 1/3 of the invoiced price

3 yrs – 10 yrs

Minimum Refund ONLY


Note: After 10th year – Customer will not be eligible for any refund.

IMPORTANT: Customer MUST present the invoice to the dealer to refund the cylinder and be

entitled for the refund.

Damaged Cylinder Return Policy

If a cylinder purchased from the outlet is defective LAUGFS will be instructing the customers to hand over the cylinder to the nearest LAUGFS authorized dealer. Authorized dealer will replace a new cylinder with the customer based on the minimum quantity requirement, and will be sending the defective cylinder to the plant for investigation.

LAUGFS GAS cylinder category

Minimum LPG Quantity (kg)

Domestic 2kg


Domestic 5kg


Domestic 12.5kg


Commercial 37.5kg



If the defective cylinder does not full fill the minimum order quantity, dealer will be sending the

cylinder to the plant for the investigation and the customer is expected to purchase a refill cylinder,

till the defective cylinder is investigated.

Service Level for the cylinder investigation – 21 days

Customer/ Dealer is expected to call the LAUGFS Gas Hotline for further assistance or


Compact Regulator Pack Return

If any Compact regulators sold at the outlets found defective will be replaced within 6 months, if the warranty card is presented along with the defective regulator pack and all the accessories. However regulator repairs also will be done after the 6 months warranty.

  • Standard Delivery takes 4 - 5 working days.
  • The delivery fee will be charged as follows.

    Order Amount Delivery Fee
    Rs. 10,000 or below. Rs. 490
    Rs. 10,001 to Rs. 20,000 Rs. 590
    Rs. 20,001 to Rs. 50,000 Rs. 790
    Rs. 50,001 to Rs. 100,000 Rs. 1,090
    Rs. 100,001 to Rs. 200,000 Rs. 1,590
    Rs. 200,001 and above. Rs. 2,090

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