LG Multi Split Inverter AC 18000 BTU Indoor Unit

Product Code: LGACINMSQ18GSKA0


Terms & Conditions:

  • Minimum 2 indoors to be connected to one outdoor & Up to 4 indoors can be connected to one outdoor unit.
  • Installation charges are not included in above Prices. Installation charges may vary site to site.
  • Need to get service engineers advice before purchase the units.
  • To get a Quotation for Installation charges, please contact our service Engineers


Multi Split

LG's Multi Split air conditioning system is a comfortable and stylish cooling solution that will keep you ahead of the game. LG will revolutionize the way you conduct business. 

Perfect Solution for Multiple Rooms

Multi Split system provides cooling and heating in every room by installing just one outdoor unit. 

Multi Piping Type

A single outdoor unit can support two to five indoor units. 





Space Saving

LG Multi Split system does not require multiple outdoor units for cooling all spaces in your home. It conveniently needs only one outdoor unit to cover the whole house. 

Flexible Design

Depending on your individual rooms, a wide range of superb indoor unit designs are available.  



Smart Load Control

The Multi Split's outdoor unit automatically controls the temperature of the air discharged into the home based on outside conditions. 

Capacity Cooling Btu/h   18000
Power Supply V, Ø, Hz  230,1,52
Power Input  Min~Rated~  26 ~ 39 ~ 60
Max. W
Running Current  Min~Rated~ 0.22 ~ 0.28 ~ 0.40
Max. Amp  
Dimensions Body W x H x D mm 998 x 345 x 210
Packaging W x H x D mm 1,063 x 420 x 274
Weight Body Kg 11.3
Packaging Kg 13.1
Air Flow Rate H / M / L m3/min   14.2 / 11.3 /9.9
Sound Pressure Level H / M / L dB(A)   44 / 38 / 34
Piping Liquid mm(inch) Ø 6.35 (1/4)
Connections Gas mm(inch) Ø 12.7 (1/2)
Drain O.D. / I.D. mm  Ø 21.5 / 16.0
Power and Communication Cable (included 4C x 0.75
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  • For any invoice below Rs.10,000, a delivery rate of Rs.250 will be charged.