FITOUCH Interactive Whiteboard - FIT-TBI94D


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Model No   FIT-TBI94D
Appearance feature Outer frame Aluminium alloy(gray)
  Surface Material Standard is nano surface / Ceramic surface is optional / Honeycomb core is optional
  External dimension 2014mm x 1252mmx 31mm(93.3'')
  Effective touch area(include shortcuts) 1953.5mm x 1191.5mm(90.1'')
  Shortcuts 20 each side
  Projection area(don't include shortcuts)  1906.4 x 1191.5mm
  Projection ratio 16 : 10
  Packing size 2185mm x 1395mm x 80mm
  Weight 26.7 KG(NW: 18.8KG)
Electric parameter Voltage range  DC 5.0V±5%
  Power consumption ≤1W (200mA  DC 5V)
  Supply mode USBpower supply
  ESD EN61000-4-2,4,contact discharge8KV,air discharge15KV
  Security testing equipment Class B
  Certification RoHs,CE,FCC,ISO
  OS support(touch) Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android
  Communication mode USB2.0 FS,free of driver on Android/Windows and Mac OS; Linux provided driver
Touch feature Induction object Finger,pen and opaque objects
  Location technology Non-contact infrared sensor positioning technology
  Resolution 32768(W) × 32768(D)
  Response time Multi mode:Click:15ms Continue:8ms
    Single mode:Click:13ms Continue:3ms
  Speed of cursor Max 300dots/second
  Size of effective touch object ≥  Ø6mm
  Function of cursor Completely replace the mouse,Single click,double click and right click
  Positional accuracy 90% regional position error
  Multi touch 10 points
  Life time of touch 60 million times
Enviromental parameter Temperature Working Temperature:0 °C ~ 40 °C
Storage Temperature:-20°C ~ 60°C
  Humidity Operating humidity:10% ~90%
Storage humidity:10% ~90%
  Relative humidity 40 °C,90% RH
  External light resistance test Filament lamp (220V,100W) , Vertical dimension Above 350mm
    The sunlight radiation intensity of illumination 90000Lux
  Working place Under strong light,Indoor、Outdoor
Education software Software functions Software Licensing: using hardware associated with the licensing model,i.e. just connection wiht device and operation, it can provide a mouse model, labeled mode and full-screen mode switch.
using the materialized graphical interface ,Multilingual text prompt functions, support icon, also can close the text prompt functions.
Supports multi-hard brush, brush, highlighter, row pen, smart pen,  variety of textures pen to write, you can choose pen type, color, thickness at the same interface and other functions.
Support large object recognition as an eraser function
Support big medium and small three kinds of erasers, and support regional and full screen clearance.
Supports a variety of graphics rendering function, support set the border line style and color at the same interface, fill color and other features.
Support resource library functions are available via the network, local resources transfer text, images, audio, video, supports auto-generated resource function.
Supports a variety of file import and export functions,Can modify after introduction PPT
Support page preview function, you can add, delete,copy pages directly and other functions.
Support a variety of teaching aids tools,such as screen cover, searchlight, recording function, camera function, measuring function, handwriting recognition feature.
support transparent page annotation function under the annotation mode.
Packing list Interactive whiteboard  1pcs
  Pen 2pcs
  Instruction 1pcs
  Warranty card 1pcs
  USB cable (5m) 1pcs
  Wall-mount 1set
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    Rs. 20,001 to Rs. 50,000 Rs. 790
    Rs. 50,001 to Rs. 100,000 Rs. 1,090
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    Rs. 200,001 and above. Rs. 2,090


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