Mistral Instant Heater with Pump - MSH6000P  



Splash proof IP25 standard
Anti scald device
Double safety thermostat for anti-scalding
Doulble ELSD cut-off for maximum safety
Safe & Reliable
Multi 5 ways shower set
High efficiency heating element for fast heat-up
Min. Water Flow Rate: 2.0L/min
Min. Water Pressure: 13.8kPa(2p.s.i.)
Max. Water Pressure: 0.3MPa(43.5p.s.i.)
Water Connection: 15mm diameter


Always follow the instructions given by Abans service team, when buying / installing instant water heaters.

  • To be installed the unit with a power connection through a 2 pole circuit breaker (MCB) instead of Plug top and base. The whole power circuit for the unit must allow the maximum power consumption of the water heater. Because, a longer run with a current consumption more than 13A through a plug top and base (13A) will make the plug top burn.
  • The MCB should be matched according to the current and voltage rating of the unit. Always follow the instructions for installation and electrical connections according the product manual individually for your own safety.
  • And also this is applicable, any water heater either with pump or without pump, if maximum current consumption is more than 13A
  • If you have any clarification or any questions with regards to below matter,
  • Please contact Mr. Rajintha Ravishan under below mention contact number or email address:
  • Tel :- +94 11 599 6009  Email :- Rajinthar@abanservice.lk
  • Delivery takes 2 — 5 working days.
  • For any invoice above Rs.10,000, FREE islandwide delivery available
  • For any invoice below Rs.10,000, a delivery rate of Rs.250 will be charged.