Up to 140 grams of powerful steam jet for effective ironing of stubborn creases

Steam penetrates the fabric fibers to help smooth out stubborn creases.


Steam output of up to 40 grams per minute for powerful and stable performance

Continuously releases powerful vapors to quickly smooth creases


Vertical steam jet for easy handling of hanging clothes

The vertical steam jet function allows you to handle clothes hanging on a hanger and easily remove creases on curtains without the use of an ironing board.


Scratch-resistant SteamGlide floor is smooth

The unique SteamGlide bottom plate can be moved smoothly on any material, and it has an anti-stick bottom and anti-scratch, which makes cleaning easier.


Built-in descaling device to ensure lasting steam performance

This iron can be used with regular tap water. Built-in descaling device can remove calcium film or limescale and maintain the best performance.


Wires have been tested to ensure the highest level of durability and safety

All Philips steam irons are rigorously tested to ensure the highest levels of durability and safety.


Anti-drip system ensures no water stains when ironing

The anti-drip system allows you to iron delicate fabrics at low temperatures without worrying about water stains caused by iron leaks.


Equipped with comfortable textured handle for better feel

The textured handle is ergonomically designed and feels better, helping you to hold the iron easily without slipping.

Water spray equipment


Continuous steam

40 g / min

Powerful steam jet

140 g

Water tank capacity

320 ml



Additional fixed base


Available tap water


Extra large water injection hole


Base plate name


  • Standard Delivery takes 4 - 5 working days.
  • For any purchase worth Rs. 20,000 or higher, a delivery fee of Rs. 500 will be charged.
  • For any purchase below Rs. 20,000, a delivery fee of Rs. 300 will be charged.


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