Honeywell 15L Air Cooler 290CFM - 80W (Power Input) CL15AE

 Usha Honeywell CL 15AE Air Cooler is the perfect cooler for people who want some respite from the summer heat. Not only is it highly effective it is also stylish and combines the use of latest cooler technology to provide the user with uninterrupted cooling, during the hot summer months. There are a lot of features that the Usha Honeywell CL 15AE Air Cooler possesses which make this one of the best coolers to purchase this summer. 


Design and Dimensions:

The Usha Honeywell CL 15AE Air Cooler possesses some of the most excellent designing available among coolers. This is one of the most stylish coolers available, and is sure to be the envy of everyone that sees it. The colors of the cooler are grey and white, and it comes with a remote control and LED display. The high tech features of this cooler are cutting edge. The body of the cooler is made of ABS plastic ensuring that it is durable as well as very effective.


Water Tank Capacity:

The capacity of the Usha Honeywell CL 15AE Air Cooler is 15 liters and this is sufficient for an indoor cooler to operate all day long. In addition to that it also provides people with some of the best features when it comes to continues usage throughout the day.


Cooling and Air Flow Capacity:

The Usha Honeywell CL 15AE Air Cooler comes with four speed control, and this is also aided by the fact that it has a remote to make your work very simple. The capacity of this cooler is sufficient for any living room or office. It provides cool air and has humidity control settings which ensure that the users do not get humid air.


Additional Features:

The Usha Honeywell CL 15AE Air Cooler comes with some excellent features such as a one year warranty and ability to work with an inverter. These features and more make this into one of the best coolers that is available at this time.

Air flow: 490 m3/hr (290 CFM)

Water tank capacity: 15 Liter (4 Gallons)

4 speeds - High / Med / Low / Sleep

0.5 to 7.5 hours OFF timer

Easy mobility

Air throw at body level

420 pcs per 40’ HQ

Power consumption: 90 watts

Honeycomb cooling media and Carbon-dust filter

Remote control

Oscillating louver

Heater (optional) Model CHL15AE

Works on inverter

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